Local athlete confronts illness with Tibetan sound healing

YUMA, Ariz. – This is the sound of ancient healing. Reiki instructor Kasandra Lore circles these hundred-year-old antique Tibetan bowls to produce a rhythmic sound and vibration. “They’re made with purpose, the intention of healing,” said Lore.

A few years ago Lore introduced the Tibetan bowl treatment to her step-daughter Jessica Zimmerman.

Zimmerman was diagnosed with Dysautonomia, a breakdown of the nervous system that restrains her from living an active life. “Obviously what the doctors are doing aren’t helping, so it’s not going to hurt me to try these things so why would I not. And I think it doesn’t cure anything, I’m not magically all better when I’m done. But especially during and right after. There is a big difference in I guess the way I feel and maybe it’s in my head maybe not but it doesn’t really matter,” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman take medicine and uses a tube to gain what little nutrition and comfort she can get to sustain her life. “I’m much more relaxed after there are times that I’ve come in whether because I’m fighting with insurance, because I’m fighting with whatever,” said Zimmerman.

So the brief session allow Zimmerman to relax with each hum and vibration that engulfs her body.

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