Lawmakers pull the plug on Arizona borders

Lawmakers pull the plug on Arizona borders

YUMA, Ariz- Some say our borders are protected…while others believe there’s still a long ways to go.

Arizona lawmakers initially planned to build miles of fencing along the border with Mexico using private money. However, they’re now pulling the plug on the project and directing the cash to a border sheriff for equipment.

One local resident said, “I think it’s bad idea. In the fact that we have too many illegal immigrants coming into this country. Here in Yuma it’s better than most of the Southern Border. But it all needs to be improved because we have too many illegal immigrants in this country.”

One Yuman said, “I don’t feel like our borders have ever really been secure. I don’t really think they’re meant to be secure. A big business has vested interest in that.”

Republican backers of the 2011 legislation hoped to collect around 50-million in donations to build the fence. But the state received only about $265,000.

We were able to get a statement from Yuma County Sheriff’s office who said, quote: “Yuma county did not seek funds from the border security trust fund, the money was initially intended for a privately funded wall, Yuma County already has that infrastructure and did not seek additional funds.”

Lawmakers, Sheriff’s and state department heads who serve on the Legislature’s Border Security Advisory Committee met on Monday and gave more than $200,000 to the Cochise County Sheriff to buy night-vision and other equipment.


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