Law enforcement agencies want Google app “Waze” cop-locating disabled

Law enforcement agencies want Google app “Waze” cop-locating disabled

YUMA, Az- It’s an app millions of drivers use in more than 200 countries.

It helps you navigate to and from a place or avoid traffic jams. But this app can do more than just tell you which streets you should or shouldn’t enter. It can also detects the whereabouts of a police vehicle. Some say this can be harmful to officers who are just trying to do their job.

One Yuman said, “Police officers and law enforcements should be discrete and we shouldn’t know where they’re at, at all.”

“I dont know if I agree or disagree with that because I dont see it being harmful to the police officers at all but I do I do see it maybe making people be more aware of where they are.”

There are some law enforcement agencies and drivers that think the feature is a good idea and can help lower crime rates.

One Yuma resident said, “Tickets may be going down because they know that they’re expected so they’re going to slow down or they’re going to be aware so they’re not going to do something around that area.”

However, some law enforcement agencies are not thrilled about the apps features, including a police chief in los angeles who wrote a letter to the CEO of Google which owns WAZE, stating they need to hide this feature. That way they can prevent any officers from getting attacked.

Some drivers are on the fence about the navigation tool and understand how it can both help and hurt as long as a person is using the app responsibly.

One Yuman said, “I think it could go both ways. I mean its kind of like the radar systems too that people have in their cars. I see their point I see the publics point as well. I think im more on the side of the police officers. I mean just for safety reasons I dont think I would want someone knowing my whereabouts.”


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