Law enforcement agencies patrolling for DUI’s this holiday weekend

Law enforcement agencies patrolling for DUI’s this holiday weekend

YUMA, Ariz- The holidays traditionally calls for a big night filled with great food and drinks with friends and family.

However, you want to remember to drink responsibly. Law enforcement including DPS and YPD officials are announcing plans for DUI patrol during the week of Thanksgiving. The point, they say is to deter anyone from getting behind the wheel after drinking.

On November 26 nine Highway Patrol Officers will be conducting a 10 mile enforcement detail on Interstate 10 from the California state line to Milepost 70. Officers will be stationed every ten miles and will focus on hazardous traffic violations, collision reduction, and safety restraint usage.

Sergeant Brian Turner with Arizona Highway Patrol, says, “We’ll have approximately six DPS troopers and a Sergeant working DUI enforcement in the Yuma area. And we’re just looking to reduce collisions and detect impaired driving and hazardous moving violations.”

During the weekend additional officers will be used to rove city streets looking to stop and arrest drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs. these dui patrols are, in addition to regularly scheduled patrol officers, all looking for the signs of an impaired driver behind the wheel.

PIO with the Yuma Police Department, Lori Franklin says, “We see a lot of accidents. You have two things going on your have more traffic. Now with the winter visitors and with the holiday season and yes you have people out there consuming alcohol.”

Your local law enforcement agencies want you to have fun but more importantly stay safe this holiday season.

Franklin adds, “Everybody have a great holiday…celebrate with your family, celebrate with your friends but do it responsibly. Get a designated driver, call a cab. We want you to get home safe but we want other people on the road to get home safe too. So we want everybody to have a safe holiday and not lose anybody by accidents like that.”



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