Jury begins deliberating in Jorge Espinoza trial

Jury begins deliberating in Jorge Espinoza trial

YUMA, Ariz. – A jury began deliberating in the Jorge Espinoza trial Tuesday. Espinoza is facing 20 charges, including second-degree murder, in the death of Arizona Department of Public Safety Officer Tim Huffman.

Huffman was killed when his patrol vehicle was hit by a truck, allegedly driven by Espinoza May, 2013. The incident happened at milepost 40 on Interstate 8.

At the time of the crash Espinoza was allegedly using his cell phone to look at photos of women.

During the trial the prosecution showed evidence they believed showed this cell phone usage. They also showed video showing a wallet inside a holder.  Prosecutors believe Espinoza put the wallet there to hide his alleged cell phone usage from a camera inside the truck.

The defense argued that Espinoza was blinded by the sun and that DPS did not place adequate signage around an incident officers were already investigating on Interstate 8.

Deliberations will continue Thursday.

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