IID adopts NET billing program

IID adopts NET billing program

EL CENTRO, Calif. – The Imperial Irrigation District (IID) voted to adopt the NET billing program as the successor to the metering system it has in place.

This means solar customers will no longer get a payout for unused energy they put back on the power grid.

They will be credited in their monthly billing at a much lower rate than before.

A local solar company said this will deter new customers and will force companies to lay off employees or close for good.

“Hiring will be halted or thereby probably moved or laid off. People want to work, people want to get jobs out here and with the changes, with the NEM 2.0 program, it will definitely make getting a job in the solar industry difficult here,” said Brian Gonzalez of Grid Alternatives, a local solar company.

We reached out to IID but they were not available for comments.


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