Hundreds from Haiti and African countries seek political asylum in Calexico

CALEXICO, Calif. – Several hundred people coming from Haiti and various African countries are seeking political asylum in the United States at the Calexico port of entry. Twenty-six year-old Maxell Calixton from Haiti said he just wants a better tomorrow.
“I would like to go United States because I would like to have a better life,” Calixton said. “We need some help,” Calixton said.

They’ve been waiting for days in line in the heat just to get a chance to be interviewed by U.S. Immigration Services.  “The situation is very, very bad to cross the line,” Calixton said.

Mexican officials who didn’t want to be identified said close to 200 of them arrived on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday there were more than two dozen at the port of entry. Many others are in shelters across Mexicali, waiting to see if they will get political asylum. Officials said they’re expecting hundreds more to arrive in the coming weeks.

Calixton said their situation is desperate.
“If there’s a person who can help me just do it right now because I got three days here,” Calixton said.
He said he’s willing to endure the waiting and the heat if it means a chance to make his dreams come true. “I want to work and I want to finish my university. If I cross the line, I enter to United States, everything is possible,” Calixton said.

There is still no word yet on whether political asylum will be granted or not. The influx of refugees jammed the Calexico port of entry Friday and could continue to affect wait times for pedestrians trying to enter the United States.

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