Hundreds attend Career and Education Expo at Yuma Civic Center

YUMA, Ariz- Whether you’re finishing high school or need a fresh start, Wednesday’s Career and Education Expo event had everyone excited for their future. The Yuma Civic Center held their annual event with community resources, universities, and over 100 companies across the nation in attendance.

“I’m looking around to see how it is. I came with my school, so we’re getting the experience getting out here since it’s our senior year. I’m trying to find jobs and what they’re looking for,” says a Yuma High School senior.

A recent Arizona State University graduate, Renee, was out looking for a new opportunity in the broadcasting field. ” I’m looking for a job to triple my income, pay my loans, you know, that actually helps me. Help my mom, and get a new car,” Renee said.

Patrick Goetz, the business services officer for “Arizona @ Work”, a proud partner of the American Job Center Network, was happy with the outcome.

” It started out really well this morning. As you can see we got a good crowd so I think the job seekers are happy and the vendors here are too. The unemployment rate is usually high here, but we surveyed employers and as you can see we have agriculture here, retail, and hospitality. So this is the time of the year where they have to meet the winter season here in Yuma,” said Goetz.

Every hour Achieve Human Services, a community rehabilitation program, raffled out free computers for anyone in attendance. According to the Labor Department Bureau of Labor Statistics, Yuma and El Centro both have a high unemployment rate. Events like the one Wednesday puts employment back on the map and hope in the community.

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