Hot air balloon lands in power lines Friday morning

YUMA, Ariz.-The Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival got off to a rocky start Friday morning when one hot air balloon got tied up in the power lines.

Caballeros De Yuma Balloonmeister Jerry Paulin, said “He didn’t see the power lines, he bumped into the wire and you can see what happened.”

Paulin says these situation don’t happen often but when they do, they are always prepared.

Pilot Tim Kuller said, “I was flying along, coming in for a landing and I didn’t see the power line and by the time I saw it, I was too late to do anything about it.”

The pilot kept his passengers calm and acted immediately.

Passenger Karla Samayor said, “We were getting ready to land and somehow we ran right into the power lines. We had a spark and we had to turn everything off. They told us we cant get off until APS comes and clears us to get off.”

Kuller said he will have to get his balloon Technicolor fully inspected.

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