Homeless man set on fire while sleeping

YUMA, Ariz. – A homeless man says he was set on fire while sleeping early Tuesday morning .

Police report a man was sleeping just north of the Quartermaster Depot. When he woke up he saw both of his legs were on fire. Police say they have never seen this happen before in Yuma.

Edith Ruiz with the Yuma Police Department says, “He stated he was asleep in the desert area north of the Quartermaster Depot. He stated he woke up around three o’clock in the morning to his legs on fire.”

According to police the victim says he saw three men watching him when he woke up. He believes they are the one who set him on fire.

“He also stated he saw three Hispanic males standing near by. He could not provide a further description of them,” says Ruiz.

The man told police no one would help him. He walked nearly two miles from Quartermaster Depot to Maverick’s bar on Fourth Avenue and asked a worker for help.

“I turned around and there was a homeless man standing at the end of the bar,” says Monica Beard, owner and bartender of Maverick’s, “You could tell he was homeless, he was holding two water bottles.”

Beard says he walked in around 7 p.m. while she was working.

“I asked him what was wrong, he said someone had lit his feet on fire and no one would help him,” said Beard.

Beard called police and the victim was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

“If anybody has any information regarding these three subjects that may have been involved in this incident to also contact the police department,” said Ruiz.

Police say they do not believe this case is related to the similar incidents that happened in San Diego.

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