Holtville residents come together to fight cancer

HOLTVILLE, Calif. – Holtville resident Rosa Felix donated hair at Saturdays’ Camp Fit for kids fighting cancer.
“I have family with cancer so I know what people need,” Felix said.

She’s one of several people that came to support the Holtville event to raise awareness for children’s cancer. Organizer Marcy Bingham said it’s the first event of its kind. “Our goal is to make everyone aware of childhood cancer, the lack of funding, and that we are here to support everybody that’s going through this,” Bingham said. Cancer has hit close to home for her. “We’ve had several kids in Holtville and Imperial Valley who have been diagnosed and who have struggled with this and fought a battle,” Bingham said.
Cuts & Fades barber Jaime Abarca said cancer has affected his family as well. “Needs to be brought up some awareness to and some of these people need the support,” Abarca said.

A local wrestling group provided some entertainment. “Help them out, know that there’s somebody there for them, and show support to – not just to them – but to the families and everybody else around them,” Desert Wrestling Entertainment Promoter Javier Patino said.

And to promote general well-being, a fitness group gave exercise demonstrations. “We make some games for the kids and worked out with teams for all the people, and we sell tickets,” Herbachamps Team Dalia Padilla said. Padilla said she felt personal satisfaction in helping others.

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