“Helping Kids From Hard Places” event held in El Centro


EL CENTRO, Calif. – A two day event called “Helping Kids From Hard Places” kicked-off today. 

The conference is the second of its kind and focuses on preparing caregivers to be trauma competent whether they’re teachers, foster parents or health professionals.

Thursday’s event welcomed professions from all backgrounds dealing with children or teens with challenging behaviors.

Amaris Ministries, a non-profit organization hosted the conference at Christ Community Church and partnered with speakers from Ohio who specialize in child development.

“They expressed a need that the folks in this county needed help on trauma informed care so they invited us to come. and we’re teaching folks about what the impact of trauma and strategies on how to help kids to heal from the early life trauma they experienced,” said Jayne Schooler, Child Development Specialist.

Thursday and Friday’s training will focus on nine different modules that are essential for helping a child who has been through a lot. 

Dr. David Schooler, child welfare trainer says, “The primary strategy is this whole healing journey begins with the presence of a safe healing adult, because with that in place so many things are stuck within fear and conflict.”

There is a fee to register for the training series, but it does include breakfast and lunch along with all class materials. The president of Amaris Ministries, Nicole Rothfleisch stressed that our community is in need for this type of training and experience.

“In our community in the Imperial Valley we have a lot of kids from hard places that experienced some sort of trauma or exposure to drugs or alcohol and then those kids grow up into adults in our community and often they’re looked at as problems, but we would like them looked at as opportunities, we just need to get people trained to understand how to help these people.”

The conference is a two day event, and if you missed out on Thursday, you can still participate on Friday by contacting Amaris Ministries at 760-337-9444.



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