Giant convenience stored robbed by two masked men

Giant convenience store is open 24 hours, a place to fuel up, get coffee or a late night snack, but for two people, in the wee hours Thursday morning they wanted more than a bag of Cheetos. They wanted all of the money in the cash register.

Yuma police department’s Joe Franklin said, “They apparently made off with cigarettes and an undisclosed amount of cash.”The armed robbers are two Hispanic men wearing masks, one in a green sweater and the other in a black hoodie.”

Franklin said,  “The guy with the black ski mask had a gun and the guy with the Halloween mask had a knife

The two men ran off and YPD is still searching for them.

Witnesses describe them as two Hispanic men with medium builds, one stands about 5’5” — the other 6’0.

Franklin said,
“It’s hard to say who they are, two gentlemen in masks, hopefully when we get the video someone will recognize and we’ll go from there.”

Officials suggest not fighting back, all YPD needs is a good description of the robber.

Franklin said, “I always like to tell the clerks there’s nothing in that store worth your life. Don’t play the hero give them what they want and call 911 immediately.”

There have been other armed robberies in the Yuma area with men wearing masks, but Franklin says he doesn’t believe this crime is related to past incidents.

Meantime, the search continues. Since they used weapons, we consider them armed and dangerous. if you see them 9-1-1.

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