Federal court denies deportation appeal

YUMA, Ariz. –  Tuesday the 5th Circuit of Appeals ruled 2-1 to deny lifting a hold placed on President Obama’s ruling to Shield 5 million immigrants from deportation. The initial hold was placed by a Texas judge.

Yuma Attorney John Minore says the unusual thing about the ruling, is that more than twenty other states, including Arizona, not in that circuit joined in on the case and will also be affected.

“What’s unique is that usually that would only apply to the fifth circuit meaning Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. But they also sais that the other states that applied in the lawsuit it’s gonna affect them too. Normally if you’re gonna sue you sue in the federal district or in one but all these other states joined in and they’re going to make it valid against all the states,” said Minore.

He adds the case to defend a hold on the deportation act to put in place by the president isn’t as much a fight against immigration, but a lesson against Obama acting on a law without congress. Minore said, “It doesn’t matter if you’re for immigration or against immigration. This action as I believe I’ve said before is the president has stepped beyond his scope.”

He says the case will likely be taken up by the Supreme Court after their Summer recess.

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