Family heirloom missing from Quechan Casino cultural center

YUMA, Ariz. – Perdius Escalanti is passionate about arts and crafts. The talent dates back to her mother…who hand-made dolls meant to be passed down to the generations. “To me it’s priceless, it can’t be replaced,” said Escalanti.

But when the Quechan Casino opened a cultural center two years ago…they asked tribal members to contribute to their display.  So Escalanti volunteered to showcase her late mother’s work.  In December, she decided  to bring the doll home.

But when Escalanti went back to the ‘q’ she found the glass case missing her precious heirloom.” It’s special because it was made by my mom. and we had two of them. my sister has one and i was supposed to keep that one, but i went and put it in the q and it’ gone,” said Escalanti.

She  turned to the Quechan Tribal Council to notify the community of her loss. Quechan Senior Tribal President Keeny Escalanti said,”We’re hoping that it be returned back to its rightful owner. the council did agree to allow the team there at the q to work together to come up with some sort of a solution to try to make it happen.”
Both council and Quechan Casino made flyers to help spread the word. In the meantime extra measures are being taken to keep remaining items safe. Interim Chief Executive of the Quechan Casino, Charles M
Montague Sr. said, “We had made some significant improvements in our patrols and our surveillance and also in some of our procedures that we have in place. to make sure if the item becomes missing they’re able to react a lot faster.”
Anyone with information about the missing doll is asked to contact the Quechan Tribal Council.

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