Trial for tank driver killing DPS officer back in court

Trial for tank driver killing DPS officer back in court

YUMA, AZ- Jorge Espinoza faced a judge today at a pre-sentencing hearing. A jury already decided he caused the death of Department of Public Safety Officer Tim Huffman.

In court this afternoon the Huffman family were in tears when describing what type of person Tim was and how his death has effected their lives.

Warren and Paul Huffman, brothers of Tim Huffman said, “We brought the emotion out. I wanted to see things wrapped up so we can get to the sentencing date. The defendant needs to serve his time so I wanted to see a resolution that was the number one thing that I was looking for.” “Our family wants to see some closure its been emotional on all of us.”

Espinoza was driving on interstate-eight in a tanker truck when prosecutors say he was distracted by erotic images on his cell phone. Huffman had responded to an incident and was in his car when the tanker his hit unit and killed him.

The Huffman family feel as though Espinoza has no remorse and doesn’t understand the magnitude of what his actions have caused.

Huffman adds, “He needs to show some emotion. He just took a mans life here and you have no emotion by it?” “I feel sad…I wish he would step up and take some responsibility for what he’s done.”

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