Elderly San Luis couple survive knife attack

SAN LUIS, Ariz. – It was Monday around noon on Cabello Avenue in San Luis. Josefina and Heleardo Diarte were heading out to run some errands. That’s when they say their neighbor 42-year-old Juan Salcido walked up to the couple and threatened them with a knife.

“He didn’t have a motive. Something in his mind must have told him to do it,” said Heleardo. Tuesday they revisited the scene of the crime in their front yard. Mrs. Diarte pointed to where her husband fell, and the blood stains that remain on the ground from a slash to his hand.

Mrs. Diarte explains she got in their truck to seek shelter. But when she was her husband was knocked to the ground by the suspect, she got out to help.

She screamed to distract the man who held a knife and continued to swing. Then managed to get away and ask another neighbor for help.

The couple says Salcido then fled from their front yard back to his own home where he was later found by police. Officers say they apprehended Salcido without a struggle. Officer Marco Santana with the San Luis Police Department said, “Upon arrival they noticed an elderly male subject with blood coming out of his right hand.”

That is the extent of the physical injury. But Mrs. Diarte says she’s now traumatized by the attack. “What I want is for him to not live here anymore. I’m afraid to be alone. Afraid of what could happen to a child or another neighbor,” said Mrs. Diarte.

Salcido’s first hearing was held Tuesday afternoon. He faces two counts of possible charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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