El Centro senior found dead in apartment complex laundry room

EL CENTRO, Calif. – A 63-year-old woman was found stabbed and dead in a laundry room of an apartment complex, according to police.

El Centro Police Department officials say they were called out to the senior-citizen apartment complex on Park Avenue and Fourth Street. A neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, said she found her 63-year-old neighbor known as Maggie on the laundry room floor, bleeding and her wheelchair overturned by her side.

“I became hysterical,” the resident said.

She said she was looking for Maggie on Tuesday morning around 11, who she found her stabbed.

“I went to look for her because we are friends and I didn’t find her. So I went to look for her in the laundry room,” the resident said.

She called her social worker and the police.

“I called 911,” the resident said.

At first she thought it was a fall but she looked closely at the woman on the floor.

“That wasn’t a fall. That was a robbery, they did to her,” the resident said.

One neighbor, who had known Maggie for many years, said he was shocked when he found out.

“I just came out to see, just for a little walk, and then when I came out I saw the yellow tape and people sitting in the open area. I was wondering what was going on. And I asked one of my friends and he said somebody had got killed,” Xavier Watson said.

Police say the woman known as Maggie had been stabbed and had signs of other physical trauma.

“She was a house person, a home person. A good person,” the resident said.

Some residents who spoke to us say there are no security cameras in the complex. They feel unsafe now. There’s not even a fence to protect them, they said.

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