Early exit

Early exit

YUMA, Ariz. – After missing the playoffs last season, the Cibola Lady Raiders softball team resurged to take the Gila Valley Region crown and earn a first round bye in the latest edition of the Division II playoffs.

They would host Sunrise Mountain in what would be a defensive battle. Starting pitcher Madison Sierra would have a close call in the second inning, getting into a bases loaded situation with only one out. She would then keep her composure and put together a nice string of pitches that would equate to two strikeouts that would get her team out of the inning.

Cibola would later give up three critical runs down the stretch.

Meanwhile, the Lady Raiders offense struggled all throughout the afternoon. Cibola attempted a dramatic seventh inning comeback, loading the bases with two outs; but failed to capitalize on the opportunity. Alicia Young and Nicole Villa each went 2 of 3 at the plate for the gold and black.

Cibola joins Kofa with early exits from the state tournament with their 3-0 loss.

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