D&H Electric takes two STEDY students as interns

YUMA, Ariz. – The Joint Technical Education District (JTED) Southwest Technical Education District of Yuma (STEDY) program was voted into action two years ago and the results have been positive according to D&H Electric.
D&H Electric owner, Fred Dammeyer said, “It’s strengthening the local labor force and bridging the gap between education and our actual job and employment.”
People in the community are able to see the program is working by giving students internships once they’re out of school.
Dammeyer continued, “It shows the community how being part of the STEDY program is going to make them successful in being in the electrical field. These guys have a step up over someone off the street coming in and applying as a laborer.”
The interns receive hands on experience but also are taught on the math behind construction for a more well-rounded learning method.
Drake Gomez, who is an intern and JTED STEDY student,  said, “We want to progress into NAU’s program but the STEDY program allows to get real world experience and go out and work at a construction site or something that’s being built.”
The program gets the community involved by educating its own residents and allowing them to be successful in vocational areas.
Dammeyer said, “They’re real hardworking and they’re excited to learn new things and we’ve been teaching them a lot of stuff instead of just throwing them into a remedial position we’ve actually put them in a position where they can learn a lot.”

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