Desert Sun Clasico canceled just days before event

YUMA, Ariz. – The Desert Sun Clasico was to be held on Tuesday at the Desert Sun Stadium. Mexican soccer teams from Tijuana and Morelia were to play against eachother. The Arizona Strikers were organizers of the event their head coach Manny Arias says low ticket sales were the reason.

The stadium can hold up to 7,500 people, Arias says they expected about 1,500 but in three months they were only able to sell 300 tickets. He says they lost several thousands of dollars because of it. He says he is disappointed in the community, as his organization tried to bring something beautiful to the community. The city of Yuma says, “People are going to vote with their pocket book that’s the free marketplace at work.”

Tijuana and Morelia will still have a game on Tuesday but it’s being held in Tijuana. For those that bought tickets to the Desert Sun Clasico online you can visit, if you payed cash you should return to the point of purchase.



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