Desert Southwest Mayors working together to increase economic development

YUMA, Ariz.-

Yuma County Mayors and the Mayor of Rio Colorado signed an agreement today saying they will work together to improve the economy in the desert southwest.

The super group is called 4 Front ED and today was their second meeting to discuss with other governmental agencies like Arizona Department of Transportation, Arizona- Mexico Commission, State Representatives and more.

The mission of 4 Front ED is to facilitate trade relationships, support business growth and maximize resources.

One of the topics discussed was doubling Arizona exports to Mexico by 2020. Arizona mainly exports to Mexico, so by working together, it could be economically beneficial both nations.

Another was investing in the border region. By investing in the border, 4 Front ED says  it could lead the way to job creation and economic diversification.

Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls says he is looking forward to the progress they can accomplish by working together. “In true Yuma fashion and true southwestern Arizona fashion are really trying to help each other and are really looking to promote us as a region,” said Mayor Nicholls.



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