Decision 2015: Raul Mendoza

We sit down with Raul Mendoza, a write-in candidate for the Yuma City Council primary elections.

Mendoza is a retired police officer for the city of Yuma, and a former city council member and deputy mayor.


“Well I think I know the community being a police officer. I know the diversity of the city, the middle income, the low income, the higher income people. I know their needs, sitting on the council for 4 years and I worked for the housing authority as an investigator and inspector, so I know the people that received housing and I know where the needs are.”
Mendoza says during his time as a city council member from 2008 to 2012, he donated 80% of his income back to the community. When asked what his top priorities are if he’s elected, he says, “Just to be a council member, is to show up to the meetings and do the proper research and read the agendas. Because my priority is not the same as someone else’s priority. If you talk to 10 different people you have 10 different priorities. My priority is to treat everyone else’s priority as their priority, because it’s important to them if they bring it up. It’s important to them and they should be treated as such.”
Mendoza considers getting involved second nature, as this position is one he is very familiar with.
“I know the saying goes ‘get mad and get involved,’ well I’m not mad, I  just want to be involved.”
As a long-time member and advocate of the community, Mendoza believes his efforts will speak for themselves.
“I am one person that tries 100 percent- 100 percent of the time all the time”
The primary elections will be on Tuesday, August 25.

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