Decision 2015: Marilyn Young

With 7 candidates running for the 3 open seats on the Yuma City Council, the primary elections are approaching with early voting well underway.
In today’s election coverage profile, we spoke with Marilyn Young, who is a former council member and mayor of the city of Yuma for 8 years.
‘The common phrase we use today been there done that. So I am familiar with all of those, the budget, the CIP, all those kinds of things. But I’ll also have a learning curve because things do change over a 15 year period.”
Young says she looks forward to making some changes on the council for the better, if elected.
“I just would like to see us look like we’re a unit. Doesn’t mean we’re all going to agree. When you have seven people their not going to agree on everything but if we don’t agree lets agree to disagree and move on.”
As far as bringing more jobs to the city goes, Young explains the council’s role in doing so.
“They can be supportive, and that’s the council’s role when it comes to job introduction into community. It can be supportive of the companies that come in, try to make it as easy as possible for them to become a part of the community. “
Young adds, her candidacy gives people one more choice in the primary elections, “some of the things you see happening now, were started when I was mayor and when I was a council member. Theres many things that go into it many entities that have to work together to make something happen.”
Young’s past experience works in her favor, as she is familiar with the position she is running for.
“I’ve been there, I can understand things. I will not have to hit the deck running as fast as some of the others.”

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