DEA fighting prescription drug abuse

YUMA, Ariz. – The DEA says prescription drug addiction is a growing trend across the nation and in Yuma it could be a gateway to heavier drugs as DEA agent Darrion Eshmon explains, “Most drug addictions start at the home then they move on from their to heroin and harder drugs”. To fight the trend the DEA along with other local law enforcement agencies will be holding their 10th annual Prescription Drug Takeback program. “Since the program started we’ve collected 80,000 pounds of drugs in Arizona and 4.8 million pounds nationwide”, says Eshmon.

Agent Eshmon has been involved with the program since day one, we spoke with him to find out more about the dangers prescription drug abuse causes. He says Yuma is prone to see prescription drug abuse more than some other areas across the country.  Eshmon says, “we [Yuma] have a huge snowbird population so we do see alot more prescription drug abuse than perhaps somewhere like Atlanta or a place that doesn’t see a snowbird population”. But the issues go far beyond drug abuse as Eshmon explains, “When you improperly dispose of your drugs what happens is they flush them down the toilet or put it in the garbage disposal, that contaminates our water, the water we drink”. If you bring your unneeded prescriptions to one of the locations Saturday the DEA will properly dispose of the drugs, “So its imperative that you bring your drugs to us and let us destroy them it’s anonymous and we’ll take care of it for you” says Eshmon.

On Saturday from 10am-2pm you can bring prescriptions to 5 locations: The Yuma Police Department, YCSO foothills station, Quechan Police Department, Somerton and San Luis Police Departments.

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