Cyber scalpers hike up Yuma County Fair ticket prices

YUMA, Ariz. – Justin Keeling started a community commerce page on Facebook with more than 5,000 members a few years back. “The Yuma Area Exchange is a safe place for people to buy, sell, and trade any items within reason as long as they’re safe for the community,” said Keeling.

Ticket booklets originally sold for $15 dollars for 30 ride tickets are now marked up to $50 dollars. The act is known as scalping, and although it legal in Arizona, there are restrictions.

You cannot sell tickets bought for the purpose of resale for more than their face value within 200 feet of the event venue. The statute doesn’t address the issue found on the world wide web. But Keeling says he wants to keep his page fair.

“We’re not allowing anybody to resell them for anything higher than what they originally paid for. And we understand that things come up, and they may not be able to attend the fair. And so we ask that you sell them at cost for what you paid for them. Or don’t sell them at all,” said Keeling.

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