Crossroads Mission asks community for Thanksgiving food donations

Crossroads Mission asks community for Thanksgiving food donations

YUMA, Ariz- The Crossroads Mission hosts hundreds of people each year during the holidays and this Thanksgiving is no different.

Crossroads is beginning to prepare weeks before Thanksgiving by asking for the community’s help with food donations and perishable items. They’re also looking for people who can help cook, serve and clean.

Barbara Rochester, Public Relations and Special Events Director for Crossroads Mission mentions the number of people served during the three days of Thanksgiving grows every year, along with the similar trio of meals during the three days of Christmas.

Rochester said, “Mexican food day on Thursday, a pot roast on Wednesday and Thursday a traditional Thanksgiving meal.”

To prepare for the three big meals, Crossroads Mission must fill it’s freezers and pantries with turkeys and all condiments. One item that is big on the list is desserts.

Rochester adds, “We’re always short on desserts for the holidays so if you’re driving by cookies, pies, cakes, whatever you’d like to donate we need desserts heavily.”

Along with dessert, Rochester’s says a standing warmer to keep the food warm in is heavily needed.

She adds, “We have families that would love a good nutrition and a hot meal so the mission is always open. We’re open seven days a week and families come down here and eat that just don’t have enough food at the house.”

Thomas Kelly III is donating $500 to crossroads mission and is now challenging someone else out there to do the same.

Rochester said, “She’s donating $500 and anybody that matches it he’ll match the $500.”

If you’d like to donate you can drop off items at Crossroads Mission at 944 South Arizona Avenue.



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