Creepy clown sighting in Yuma

YUMA, Ariz.-

A new phenomenon has people across the nation frightened. People are dressing up as clowns and roaming city streets day and night and it has made its way to the desert southwest.

A photo posted to Facebook on Monday shows someone biking down 4th avenue wearing a department of corrections jumpsuit and a clown mask. This is a popular trend in the United States used to scare people around town.

Police say they have not heard of this happening before in Yuma. Even with some citizens scared, Sgt. Lori Franklin with YPD says it is not against the law to wear a clown mask in public. “I don’t know why someone would ride around with a clown mask wearing a d.o.c. jumpsuit but they can. There is nothing saying you can’t ride around like that,” says Franklin.

However, what may seem innocent, in other states like North Carolina are having a problem.  The Fox news station in North Carolina reports that people dressed as clowns have attempted to lure children into wooded areas. Local police warn citizens to be careful. Franklin says, “You don’t know them you don’t know their intentions. Obviously, they are wearing a mask so you can’t see their face. Be cautious, don’t go up to them. Let them go on with their business.”


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