County takes action to avoid a financial crisis

YUMA, Ariz. – On Monday morning the Yuma County Board of Supervisors listened to a presentation by County Administrator Robert Pickels to review the counties budget. Pickels says that the county may have issues balancing the budget due to several factors and needs to take prompt action to avoid any issues. He says that they have been losing 1.6 million dollars every year and already have lost another $671,000 this year.

A major factor is that the state has been taking county money and using it for other purposes, but another issue is the Payment In Lieu of Taxes Program, known as PILT. The program is where the federal government gives the county money to make up for federal land that they do not pay taxes on, but the money the county receives every year changes dramatically making it hard to predict.

Robert Pickels suggests either cutting county services to residents or increasing property taxes. Both options he says are something he wishes they didn’t have to do but because these several factors leading to an unbalanced budget are out of the counties control it is something difficult to avoid.

It will be a three stage process to adopt a budget solution, the Board of Supervisors will be meeting again next week to discuss the issues. On May 18th they will adopt a tentative solution until a final plan is approved in June.


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