Convey Health Solutions offers hundreds of jobs in Yuma

YUMA. Ariz- Convey Health Solutions is held local job fair Tuesday, offering hundreds of jobs in Yuma County. The Medicare company is looking for full-time customer service representatives for their growing business. Burn Hoyunpa, the director of Learning and Development, feels hopeful about expanding their company in Yuma. “One of the reasons were out here in Yuma, is because we believe in the core strength of the population. It’s very small, tight knit family oriented community, and that’s what Convey really is, and we’re really looking forward to expand and grow the business in Yuma,” Hoyunpa said.

Convey Health Solutions is based out of Miami, Fla. Customer service representatives manage business clients with health insurance processing. “We have people assist potential members with any questions they have with health insurance plans and give them guidance on which plan is best suited for their needs, and eventually that’s going to help our clients with our business,” says Hoyunpa.

Hoyunpa feels certain about the hiring process taking place,”We’re out here in Yuma, because there’s a lot of people looking for jobs, we’re here to help the local economy. We’re here to help the local community and we’re very excited to expand and grow the business.”


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