Company owner faces legal trouble for dumping sewage

Company owner faces legal trouble for dumping sewage

GLAMIS, CALIF. (13 On Your Side) –

Glamis Dunes Storage Incorporated and the company’s former owner Michael Mamellli Sr. plead guilty of illegally disposing of millions of gallons of untreated human waste near their location off Highway 78 in Imperial County

“I cannot understand why someone is dumping their poop in this nice pristine desert,” says a winter visitor.

In Court Mamelli admitted that the company pumped sewage from the RV park into an underground leaching area… without a permit in 2010. The act violated the safe drinking water act.

The attorney for Glamis Dunes Jeremy Warren says, “Glamis Dunes was under different management when these incidents occurred. We have new management and are are putting the past behind us. We do want to emphasize there was no environmental damage as a result of dumping the sewage.”

Mammeli pled guilty to felony unlawful injection of pollutants. he faces 3 years in prison and $250,000 in fines. Glamis Dunes Incorporated may be placed on probation and monitoring.

The company could also pay more than $500,000 in fines.

“As politicians would say I think they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Melanie Pierson the attorney for the U.S. Attorney Generals Office could not comment on whether their were complaints of odors or health risks associated with the case but did say, “Glamis Dunes Storage Incorporated did not have a permit and the Attorney Generals Office is unsure whether they ever applied. In my 25 years of practicing law I’d say this case is very unusual. From our standpoint at the Attorney General’s Office we believe prosecuting this case is important because it’s always important to protect our environment.”

“We came off the freeway for 19 miles and there was nothing then we arrive here and there’s huge pollution here.”

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