City of Yuma to cut back more than $1 million on retention basins

YUMA, Ariz. – The city of Yuma is looking to cut back more than $1 million spent every year on keeping up with hundreds of acres of retention basins around town.

They’re looking to convert some of those into xeriscaped dips in the landscape. Basins are designed to collect water drained from the streets to prevent flooding and allow residents to get to and from without risking the chance of something happening to them or their vehicles.

There are currently 74 grass basins in the city, 44 are xeriscaped, according to Public Works Director Joel Olea. These basins are found throughout the city and many of them are covered by grass, however, they always need to be maintained in order for them to stay clean and work properly.

Olea believes 46 of the retention basins can be converted to xeriscaping which will in the long run save them money.

Officials who are working on this project plan on reaching out to the public as they look for ways to utilize xeriscaping for retention basins. The goal for the future is to develop a new landscape method to complement xeriscape for larger landscapes in the city.

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