City Council approves new chef to take over Hills Bar and Grill

YUMA, Ariz.-

The Yuma city council finally approved for Chef Alex Trujillo to manage the Desert Hills golf course restaurant. The council delayed their decision till today after hearing from concerned citizens about an increase in price for food.

Chef Alex says that the new menu will still have fairly priced items and bar food for customers. “There will be something for everybody,” said Trujillo after the city council meeting. However there will also be more expensive food choices for those who want something a little more extravagant. “Maybe non-golfers want to go and have a nice dinner or lunch on the patio.”

For right now the bar is being managed by the city until Trujillo gets a liquor license, which he says he is in the process of getting one now.

Desert Hills members are glad the matter is over but say the council now needs to focus on the golf course itself.

“The condition of the golf course is steadily declining”, said Neely Cook a member of Desert Hills golf course. Cook says that the council should make fixing the golf course a priority. “The greens are in terrible shape, the fairways are in terrible shape but yet we’re meeting to discuss the restaurant.”

At the meeting, it was estimated that Desert Hills loses about 75% of its customers in the summer. The course needs to be refurbished says Cook before the winter visitors come back to Yuma and start using the golf course again.

“I guarantee you they come to play golf they don’t come to support a restaurant.” said Cook.


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