Calexico Returning to Community Policing

Calexico Returning to Community Policing

Calexico Police Chief Mike Bostic continuing his optimism about making his police force a better department.

Chief Mike Bostic wants to bring community policing to the City of Calexico.

“There is little or no community policing going in the Calexico Police Department. It’s almsot as though there’s no connection that I can find between the police and the community. They don’t get that we’re a service organization and our customers is the community,” Bostic said.

That’s because for years the police department has been plagued with allegations of police corruption and bullying by some police officers.

“They’ve been so focused on “I want. I want,” that there’s no connection to them between the responsibility to serve the community. So my great hope is to have the opportunity to change that very quickly and I believe I will,” Bostic said.

Chief Bostic knows the jury is still out on him.

He says his officers are still observing his leadership tactics.

“They’re kind of mixed about it all. They’re still waiting to see if I’m for real. It’s a very interesting dynamic and I understand it,” Bostic said.

Community policing is the goal… a concept Bostic says may be foreign to his officers.

“They have some idea what community policing is but they obviously don’t know because no one has ever taught them. They’ve never been led to serve the community. It’s really what it’s all about. When you pin on the badge and carry a gun you’re a service entity,” Bostic said.

Chief Bostic is hoping to continue making positive changes so that his department can feel confident that they’re serving the community.

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