Calexico kids dance to build self-confidence

Calexico kids dance to build self-confidence

CALEXICO, Calif. – Dancing could be a way to cure shyness for some children and that’s just what’s happening at a dance studio.

Ten-year-old Jessica used to be real shy, not able to speak in public, but that’s now in the past, said her mother Teresa Zapien.

The child is one of 50 students at a dance studio. They range in age from four to 21 years old. They meet every evening during the week to practice ballet, jazz, and modern dance.

The demands of dancing build discipline and character in the students, said Zapien. Jessica now has the self-confidence to not only speak in public, but dance as well.

“She’s gained a lot of confidence. She could stand in front of public. She could do things she couldn’t do because she was shy. And we believe it’s dancing that’s helped her,” Teresa Zapien said.

D’ Dance Arts Studio, as well as other dance studios in Imperial Valley, can be found online or on social media.

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