CA Wildfire causes evacuations

ANDRADE, Calif. – Imperial County Fire Department is battling a blaze south of Calle Agua Salada in California. Yuma Fire and Rural Metro are on scene assisting with the blaze.

Charly McMurdie adds, “Northwest of Yuma, closer to the area of what appears to be the Q Casino. There’s a large plume of smoke that appears to be wildfire that is currently burning and Imperial County is fighting it and we’re assisting them with that fire.”

McMurdie said no one was reportedly hurt from the blaze or is endangered.

She adds, “As far as I know it’s just north of the Sleepy Hollow RV Park but it’s not endangering the trailer park.”

So far we don’t know how much of the fire has spread or what the cause of the fire is.

Crews are on scene working diligently to put the fire out.

McMurdie said, “They have already called for mutual aid and we’re hoping that the two agencies can get it knocked down fairly quickly.”

She says wildfires travel quickly.

“If you were to walk through the desert you’d notice that they don’t all connect. It’s not like it’s a blanket of carpet out there so as it spreads it jumps from bush to bush very quickly. But luckily for us there’s not a whole for us to burn at this time,” said McMurdie.

She mentions that the heat can definitely play a factor.

“The heat is going to play a huge factor as far as the firefighters go and their endurance and how hydrated they are. And just how long it’s going to take to fight that fire,” said McMurdie.

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