Best Buy Black Friday deals for holiday shoppers

Best Buy Black Friday deals for holiday shoppers

YUMA, Ariz- Hunting for deals on Black Friday takes focus and stamina, but it’s not hard to master the shopping weekend.

But for some…camping outside is the way to go.

One Yuma local says, “It worked out well last year and this year we’re actually doing it for my sister and my aunt to get one of these 49 inch TV’s.”

One resident says, “We’re camping out for the TV- 49 inch and I’m going to get one and my cousin and my cousin too.”

And for others they say they’re avoiding the long lines and headache that goes into black Friday and rather research the best deals, avoid the busy times, and arm themselves with the right apps.

One Yuman said, “I don’t think so not this year. “Why not?” Too crazy. Maybe on Friday after all it’s calmed down a bit.”

Best Buy and Walmart are having killer sales on Black Friday including IPhones, laptops and TV’s all on marked down in price.

Johnathan Howard who’s a Operations Agent Geek Squad said, “The deals that we’re going to have like tomorrow the iPhones are going on sale $99 with a two year activation. You can get a 50 inch TV for like $400 bucks, a Toshiba TV for $179.99. Samsung 6’s are going for a dollar with a two year activation. iPad’s mini 3’s are going to be $100 off. I mean there are going to be a bunch of different deals and lots of product in the store and tons to choose from.”

One Yuma local says he decided to buy what he needed ahead of time because his items wont adjust in price come Friday.

Howard said, “They’re already the same prices as tomorrow. So not much of a deal for you know.”


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