Athletic complex informational meeting this month

YUMA, Ariz. – The Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex is set to begin construction after the summer of this year.

The project is set to be built on Pacific Avenue and Eighth Street.

The athletic complex will be made six fields for baseball and softball. Plans started in 2015 and Linda Morgan the Executive Director for the Yuma Visitors Bureau says tournaments held at the complex will bring a huge economic boost for the city.

“For a three day tournament with 15 athletes per team and 50 teams per tournament that really equates to over 700,000 dollars in that weekend,” said Morgan.

Morgan adds it will bring in people throughout the South-West who are within driving distance of Yuma, “Across the border in Mexico, California, Las Vegas, as far away as L.A. and all over Arizona.”

The City already has tournaments booked for when it opens said Morgan. When their are no tournaments, the complex will be used for concerts and other events.

“The other great thing about this complex is we can use it for other things when we don’t have baseball or softball tournaments.” Morgan said.

However, with the new fields some residents are nervous current baseball and softball fields will be forgotten and not taken care of.

Morgan says not to worry, an assures the current fields will still be used to play ball, “All the fields that we have are booked up and filled up with teams in the adult and youth leagues here so this will give us an opportunity to be able to track those tournaments from out of town,” said Morgan.

There will be an informational meeting to the public on March 31st and April 14th for those who want to find out more or have any questions about the complex. Both meetings will be at 6 p.m. and will be held at the Council Chambers inside Yuma City Hall.

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