Arizona test ban qualifies some students for high school diploma

YUMA, Ariz. – Local high school students mentally prepped for an exam that was cancelled Monday. The aims test is an assessment that would determine whether or not a high school student could graduate. But last Friday, Arizona legislatures placed an emergency ban to avoid students from unnecessarily taking the test this week.

Associate Superintendent Jamie Sheldahl with the Yuma Union High School District says,”I think the biggest impact was on those classroom teachers who had to adjust their lesson plans and get their materials on short notice to be ready for today.”

But another group impacted are the students across the state deprived of a high school diploma as a result of the test. Some stayed behind one extra year for not passing. “And we know that there are some fifth year students that needed to come back and still pass that test. they still needed to pass that test to get their high school diploma,” said Yuma County Superintendent Tom Tyree.

The Arizona Department of Education confirmed Monday morning those students who’ve completed their required coursework can now receive their diplomas.

“Those students who have met all of their graduation requirements based on a transcript review will be able to get their diploma and move on.” This is a new development so high schools will need to act quickly to issue diplomas for those eligible.

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