Arizona house extends new debate on abortion restriction bill

Arizona house extends new debate on abortion restriction bill

YUMA, AZ- Abortion, It’s a very controversial issue and touchy subject for most. And now things get a little more heated with a new bill that would put a hold on woman from buying a health care plan through the federal marketplace with abortion coverage.

Members of one local anti-abortion group in Yuma says its a good idea and anything to eliminate woman from having abortions is a good thing.

Kristy with AMEN Yuma says, “Anything that restricts the 3,200 baby that are being murdered each day in the united states I think would be a good thing.”

The proposal also requires abortion providers to tell women the different kinds of side effects of medication they receive to get an abortion might be reversible. However, those that are against it say that’s an unproven theory.
Some people believe its a woman’s choice and depending on the situation…. It might be a good or bad idea to have an abortion.
One Yuman says, “It just depends on the situation. Like if the lady was raped then I think if she doesn’t want to have the kid she shouldn’t have to.”

Kristy adds, “I don’t know how much one would suffer in a case from incest however they would also be suffering from having a case of an abortion.


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