Arizona, California differ in approach to taking in Syrian refugees

YUMA, Ariz. – Threats continue from Islamic extremists known as ISIS. “We say to the countries who participate in the crusader campaign. I swear to God a similar day that France went through you will go through,” proclaimed an unnamed man from the terror group claiming responsibility for the Paris Attacks. This further stirring fear among allied nations. Bust as support for France pours through, a growing number of states refuse to participate in a pledge by President Obama to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees displaced by the war back home. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey released a statement Monday saying, “Given the horrifying events in Paris last week, I am calling for an immediate halt in the placement of any new refugees in Arizona.”

Vice President of the Syrian American Council Sohaib Alagha says blaming the victims by association is immoral. That fleeing families seeking a better life should not be condemned for the acts at the hands of the extremist few.  “Politicians want to come up with a good public statement to alleviate fear, to the point where it’s not justifiable, but it’s also understandable. But the mentality of blaming the victim, and making people guilty by association, especially the victim of extremist who have been forced to come here as refugee,” said Alagha.
But Governor Ducey says he wants consultation from federal authorities and the halt is in the effort to keep the homeland safe. This action seeming to require a solid vetting process to ensure no potential threat comes through. All this meanwhile European allies are dealing with millions of refugees at their borders. But housing refugees seems to be a temporary plan with Alagha calling for structure within Syria. “The solution in Syria belongs inside Syria. And the best solution is to create a safety zone and humanitarian zone where refugee will end up settling inside Syria and then they don’t have to leave and live in camps and have to be forced to swim across the Mediterranean and go to Europe, said Alagha.
In opposition with Arizona, neighboring California Governor Jerry Brown says he will work closely with President Obama to ensure any Syrian refugees coming to California are “fully vetted in a sophisticated and utterly reliable way.” And Congressman Adam Schiff stating a moral obligation to provide relief.
California resident Robert Rich said, “I would prefer if there were a way to check if they are not part of a terrorist cell but as far as actual refugees, I’m all for it. I mean whatever we can do to help.”
Others within the Yuma community share the sentiment.
“I think it’s our responsibility as human beings to help anybody. I mean there’s always limitations on everything,” said Mary Neilsen. For now the war between ISIS and the Western world continues. As for a solution to the millions of Syrians forced out of their homes, only time will tell.


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