Anti-Bullying Task Force

Regional Center for Border Health hosted a Yuma County anti-bullying task force meeting to bring awareness to topics going on in our schools and even right at home.

RCFBH President Amanda Aguirre said, “We are addressing these issues again. I’ve given them updates on cases that have been reported on our website.”

They are working together to prevent bullying, human trafficking and suicide.

Aguirre said, “If you want to report anonymously who is doing this and it also gives the notification to different entities so we can take action and follow up on that.”

The website is

Aguirre said, “We are going to be talking about gang rape, which is increasing in high schools and college. We want to put a stop on that
in Yuma. It’s happening and not being reported.”

Yuma County attorney Jon Smith says they are going to require mandated reporting for teachers and other personnel who work with children..

Rick Shaw with AWAREITY touched on how reporting an incident saves lives. They conduct surveys within the schools and even said if we listen to the children it’s amazing what they’ll tell you.


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