Animal shelter hopes to see euthanasia numbers down

EL CENTRO, Calif. – Every day across the country, 9,000 healthy dogs and cats are put to sleep at shelters for lack of space or people who want to adopt them, according to

Dee Forbey wants to bring that number down.

“I’ve been doing rescue for several years,” Forbey said.

Forbey runs DEE’S RESCUE, an animal shelter, at 941 W. Evan Hewes Highway in El Centro.

“Rescue dogs from them and also people bring us dogs, turn in animals, dogs and cats,” Forbey said.

They are making an impact.

“Five hundred dogs that we moved out last year,” Forbey said.

Forbey said pets bring a big personal benefit.

“It’ll give you so much pleasure, because it’s like having a companion,” Forbey said.

Today Todd was rescued.

“His adorable little face. And sadly, yesterday, we lost a Jack Russel that we had for 15 years,” Kay Caudillo said.

Rescue volunteers see this work as important.

“Never ending amount of animals that need to be rescued,” volunteer Sharon Williams said.

Forbey gives a pet care tip for the summer.

“Don’t leave them in the car. Don’t even take them to the store with you at all,” Forbey advised.

And in case you lose your pet.

“Go to all the animal controls , not just where your city is because they can travel a long ways really fast,” Forbey explained.

Williams said she came in today with a broken heart but walked out with a friend.

“And now it’s time to rescue an animal,” Williams concluded.

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