American Veterans Post 2 hold Veterans Day dinner

American Veterans Post 2 hold Veterans Day dinner

YUMA, Ariz- Veterans Day celebration continued this evening at American Veterans Post 2 in Yuma. Amvets is a nonprofit all volunteer service organization that caters to veterans.

Robert Sonios, who’s a Navy Veteran said, “Get’s them all together like brother and sister’s you know it’s like a family really. Everybody enjoys each other we dance and have a lot of fun singing.”

Charles Ray who’s also a Navy Veteran said, “Today was an excellent meal…big steak dinner…wow, for the veterans. They really treat you nice down here.”

Fifty to 70 veterans were able to enjoy food, music, drinks and even took part in karaoke. Last year alone, Amvets helped over 750 veterans and their wives. Tonight, local veterans mention how grateful they’re to receive help and celebrate this holiday.

Army Veteran, Jack Underwood said, “Show’s what these young men and all of them have done and it’s something to be proud of. They’re good for their country.”

Alan Vaught who’s a Navy Veteran adds, “I think it’s great that they celebrate Veterans Day because naturally, because I’m a veteran and it let’s me think about what I did and how long I did it.”

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