Amberly’s place expands to Somerton

The Arizona governor’s office has awarded the stop violence against women grant to Amberly’s place.

Amberly’s Place Executive Director Diane Umphress said, “It’s a grant to help women that are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.”

Umphress said, “Now we have to compete against Phoenix and Tucson. We were so excited when we got it, because we were worried we wouldn’t be able to come up with the numbers against huge metropolitan areas.”

This will allow them to have an advocate in the Somerton police department.

Umphress said, “An advocate three days a week just to build up that relationship and go on ride-a-longs and educate them about domestic violence and about the services we provide.”

Expanding their services to Somerton means they are going to continue to make a difference in peoples lives throughout Yuma County.

Umphress said, “We have been responding to Somerton, but we haven’t had that strong relationship with the community that we really need.”

Our presence we are hoping by that people will start to reach out and call.

The stop violence against women also allows Amberly’s place to have a forensic interviewer who assesses each victim and also is present in the schools.

Christian Segura, Amberly’s Place Forensic interviewer said, “Part of my funding is to go to the schools and provide an helps outreach program on teen dating violence, bullying and sexting.”

Segura says our teens are untapped resources and they can report crimes going on at home. “All of them have cell phones and they have the capability of helping law enforcement do their jobs; they can do it anonymously.”


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