All Hastings stores scheduled to close nationwide

YUMA, Ariz. – After filing for bankruptcy, a popular entertainment shop will be closing it’s doors.

Local Hastings customer Xavier Garcia said, “Pretty bad. I don’t know where I’m going to go for my movies anymore. And Redbox takes forever to put out new releases.”

The retailer scheduled to close all of their doors across the country by October 31st.

Garcia said, “Man, I really liked this store. So does my son.”

Hastings filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June with the goal of expediting their search for a buyer that would help it complete a strategy that would position them for future success.

One local shopper says it was empty when she walked in at the Yuma location.

She said, “I just bought a few things for my brother and a couple things were on sale, not everything.”

Yuman, Tyler Mosley said, “There’s a lot of fun stuff in there that everyone would enjoy but it’s sad that there’s only like 3-4 people in there. There wasn’t many people.”

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