21 reported animal cruelty cases in April

In the month of April, Humane Society of Yuma has documented 21 animal cruelty cases. Marketing Manager Lana Shapiro says animal abuse is getting highlighted in Yuma more than ever.

There are laws to protect these animals, so what’s being done to stop animal cruelty?

Shapiro said, “If there are abuse or neglect, we take documentation of it and go from there. Every single animal that gets picked up by animal control or turned in by owner, gets dropped off to us.”

Animal cruelty can range from neglect to severe injury.

Shapiro said, “If we find out that there’s any kind of abuse, neglect, we take documentation of it and go from there. If we find out who is responsible for the abuse, we go after them.”

According to Arizona law, there are serious consequences for abusing an animal.

Shapiro said, “Injury and neglect, any kind of abandonment to neglect to any kind of intentional injury.”

It’s against the law to leave an animal without water, food or shelter.

Shapiro said, “A lot of the time we get the animals, we don’t know who’s responsible for the abuse, so there’s not a whole lot we can do. Law enforcement agencies are doing their best to go after these people, it’s an animal rights violation.”

From time to time, Humane Society of Yuma offers free donations to the community, because they have so many animals looking for a loving home.

The Humane society of Yuma’s adoption staff takes it very serious when allowing someone to adopt an animal.

Shapiro said, “Our adoption team looks for red flags when qualifying adopters and they do on occasion deny adoptions.”

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