YUMA, Ariz.  – The 2015 general election has wrapped up in Yuma County and Imperial County. There were two bond measures on the special election ballot. One was from the Yuma Union High School District. The other was for the Gadsden Elementary School District. As of 10 p.m. Tuesday night, both bond measures were approved by voters.

In the Imperial Valley there were several key races, including Brawley City Council and El Centro City Council.

As of 10 p.m. Tuesday, Edgard Garcia was in the lead with 13.53 percent of the vote. Jason Jackson came in second, with 13.28 percent of the vote. Efrain Silva came in third with 12.92 percent of the vote. These are the initial results.

For the Brawley City Council race, George A. Nava came in first with 20.80 percent of the vote. Donald L. Wharton came in second, with 18.25 percent of the vote. Norma Kastner Jauregui came in third, with 17.45 percent of the vote.

Click here for the latest results for the Yuma County races.

Click here for the latest results for the Imperial County races.

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